Sv. Ivan na pucini - Rovinj

  3.5 km from Rovinj

1/4+1/4 apartments/people, 2 apartments; lighthouse keeper

approx. 55 m2, two double rooms (13 and 21 m2), kitchen (16 m2), shower-washroom (4 m2)

approx. 45 m2, one double room (19 m2), one room with bunk bed (7 m2), kitchen (13 m2), shower-washroom (4 m2).
  Sv. Ivan lighthouse, built in 1853, is located on the most distant islet of the small archipelago in front of Rovinj. This islet is actually a 70 x 50 meter rock with a relatively easily accessible shore and shallow waters, which makes Sv. Ivan an ideal destination for families with children that would like to spend a Robinson Crusoe type of holiday. The 23 m high lighthouse tower offers fabulous views, while there are two four-bed apartments in the lighthouse building. The islet has a berth where smaller boats can be pulled out with the help of a hoist. Due to splendid underwater sites and numerous species of fish, this destination is very popular for those looking to get away from the everyday rut, as well as for those that like to go fishing and diving.
Rock slabs on Sv. Ivan are ideal for suntanning. There are two beaches with shallow waters on opposite sides of the islet. We advise swimmers to be cautious and not to swim far away from the coast due to changing currents and bottle-nosed dolphins that are a protected species.

Depths of the sea that surrounds Sv. Ivan vary from ten meters to forty meters where the seabed is rocky and rich in flora and species of fish. Sv. Ivan is perfectly suited for underwater and sports fishing.

Transfer from Rovinj port is charged an extra 100 EUR per apartment. We recommend transfers early in the morning (departure time before 9 am). The trip to the lighthouse on Captain Bogdan Mokoric's boat takes 30 to 45 minutes, depending on weather conditions. Disembarking on the islet in the afternoon is difficult due to strong western winds.

All provisions can be purchased in Rovinj prior to the transfer, provided you arrive in Rovinj early in the morning. If you need provisions during your stay on Sv. Ivan, it can be arranged with the lighthouse keeper. If you would like to go shopping for provisions on your own, it can also be arranged with the lighthouse keeper at extra charge.

Legend has it that a Venetian doge was navigating in the direction of Rovinj in unfavorable weather conditions. His crew spotted the dangerous cliffs of Sv. Ivan on time and changed their navigation route. The doge vowed to Sv. Ivan (St. John) to light him a candle as high as a cathedral tower if he made it safe and sound to Rovinj. After having arrived safely to Rovinj, the doge forgot about his vow. Since he was in a hurry back to Venice he did not even light a little candle on Sv. Ivan. He remembered that he had not kept his promise several months later when he found himself in the middle of a tempest in the same area. His ship was thrown into the cliffs of Sv. Ivan and the whole crew along with the doge disappeared in the stormy sea.

season 1
01.07 - 25.08.
season 2
03.06 - 30.06.
26.08 - 15.09.
season 3
03.01 - 02.06.
16.09 - 30.09.
season 4
01.01 - 02.01.
01.10 - 31.12.
A1/A2 - per apartment/7 overnights
949 EUR 749 EUR 539 EUR 535 EUR
Note: The total price does not include sojourn tax.