Plocica - Island Plocica

  7,5 km from Prigradica (4 NM), 20 km from Vela Luka

1/6 + 1/8 apartments/people, 2 apartments; no lighthouse keeper

three double rooms (9, 12.60 and 13.40 m2), 2 bathrooms (4.06 and 6 m2), kitchen (15.10 m2)

four double rooms (9, 12.60, 13.40 and 15.20 m2), 2 bathrooms (4.60 and 6 m2), kitchen (8 m2)
  Plocica lighthouse, built in 1887, is placed on the island of the same name between the islands of Korcula and Hvar, and the Peljesac peninsula.
The island was named after its interesting shape. Flat and low, it resembles a slate protruding out of the sea. It is one of the most beautiful landscapes on the Adriatic.
Out of all lighthouses, Plocica, along with Struga, can accommodate the most people (max. of 14) and is perfect for a Robinson Crusoe type of holiday. Plocica does not have a lighthouse keeper and the waters surrounding it are great for diving. The ground and first floor have an area of 165 square meters, while the yard is paved with stone and the tamarisks and century-old fig trees offer shade all day long. A holiday on Plocica would not be the same without the host Ante Petkovic, who used to visit Plocica and help the lighthouse keepers as a child. After the lighthouse was automated, a lighthouse keeper was no longer needed, nevertheless Ante is still attached to Plocica.
He takes care of the lighthouse, transfers guest from Prigradice to Plocica and organizes diving excursions. Furthermore, he can arrange provisions including recently caught fish that tastes best when served on Plocica. A motorboat can also be rented from Ante to take a trip to the nearby impressive island of Scedro.
The rocky seabed on the southern part of the island is completely different to the shallow sea on the northern side and to its sandy lagoon with boat hoist.
The beaches are ideal for small children.

The waters surrounding Plocica are among the most attractive breath-hold (free) diving areas in the Adriatic due to the magnificent underwater landscapes. Sports anglers can catch quite a lot of fish primarily at dawn and late afternoon on the southern and western sides of the island.

Transfer for guests to and from the lighthouse is organized from Prigradica and is charged 100 EUR. We suggest that you arrange the departure time by phone a day prior to your departure to Plocica.
Guests are transferred on a fast rubber dinghy. The transfer to Plocica takes 10 to 15 minutes, depending on sea conditions. In case of unfavorable weather conditions or if the number of guests exceeds 7, guests are transferred on a larger boat with cabin. This kind of transfer is slower and takes from 30 to 45 minutes, depending on sea conditions.

You can reach Prigradica:
  • by ferry line Split - Vela Luka and by car to Prigradica (in the direction of Blato until you reach the left turn for Prigradica).
  • from Dubrovnik by car or bus via the Peljesac peninsula to Orebic and then by boat to the island of Korcula. Guests that arrive by car head directly from the town of Korcula to Prigradica on the other side of the island. Guests that arrive by bus get off in Vela Luka, where Ante Petkovic can pick them up if arranged in advance.
  • there is also the possibility that Ante Petkovic picks up guests in the town of Korcula. This service is charged 200 KN. Taxi services are also available.
Provisions can be purchased before taking the ferry in Split or in Vela Luka. Please make sure not to be late for your scheduled transfer.
A supply of additional provisions can be arranged with Ante Petkovic at extra charge. Furthermore, sea food can be arranged with Captain Petkovic.

When choosing a room in the lighthouse, make sure to take the one placed in northeast corner of the first floor of the lighthouse building. At dusk, look for the light signals from the lighthouses Sucuraj on the island of Hvar and Lovisce on Peljesac. Enjoy Plocica and the play of light.
season 1
01.07 - 25.08.
season 2
03.06 - 30.06.
26.08 - 15.09.
season 3
03.01 - 02.06.
16.09 - 30.09.
season 4
01.01 - 02.01.
01.10 - 31.12.
A1 - 1/6 per apartment/7 overnights
1149 EUR 899 EUR 649 EUR 650 EUR
A2 - 1/8 per apartment/7 overnights
1299 EUR 1099 EUR 699 EUR 695 EUR
Note: The total price does not include sojourn tax.