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The island of Sipan is the largest of the 13 islands belonging to the Elafiti archipelago very near to Dubrovnik . Due to their beauty, these islands were in history places of relaxation for the Dubrovnik upper class. We can guarantee that the wonderful atmosphere on these islands will ensure that you enjoy every minute of your holiday and that all your problems will be forgotten in the untouched Croatian natural beauty.

1. DAY

Arrival in Split or Dubrovnik - journey to the apartments - lunch - spend time on the beach - evening meal, night fishing, free ( disco, restaurants etc. )

2. DAY

Breakfast - visit Dubrovnik - lunch - visit the island of Lokrum by boat - evening meal - free ( disco, restaurants etc. )

3. DAY

Breakfast - nets and long line fishing. Fishing with SAMOLOVKA out of the boat - under water fishing - prepare lunch with caught fish - evening meal - free ( disco, restaurants etc. )

4. DAY

Breakfast - arrange with guests: a) visit the sanctuary Medugorje, lunch, evening meal etc.  /   b) visit the national park Mljet, including lunch, return journey, evening meal - free ( disco, restaurants etc. )

5. DAY

Breakfast - crossing by boat on to the Elafiti, lunch on board the boat or on the beach - return journey to the apartments - evening meal - free (night club, restaurants etc. )

6. DAY Breakfast - Island of Sipan - ride, visit cultural sites and old places of production, eat lunch on the beach - return journey - visit the open theatre in Dubrovnik - free
7. DAY Breakfast - journey to Split or Dubrovnik
The under water fishing, water skiing and helicopter flight over Dubrovnik and the grotto and cave visits in the company of a speleologist can be arranged in advance ( lunch: spit roasted lamb )

Package price per person 1.084,56 EUR for one week


What is included in the price?

  • Guide for the length of stay
  • Journey to and from Dubrovnik to the island of Sipan / Slano
  • Full board ( midday meal and evening meal with fish, crabs, lobster, mussels and other local specialties, including all drinks)
  • Activities, tours, diving, bike-riding, visiting from cultural places of interest and visiting an old production place.

Group reductions

  • children up to 4 years old free
  • from 4 to 12 years old 50 %
  • From 10 - 15 persons 10 % discount
  • From 15 - 20 persons 20 % discount
  • From 20 - 30 persons 30 % discount